1Byte Service Level Agreement

The 1Byte Service Level Agreement (SLA) governs the use of 1Byte Cloud Server for each account using the service. In the event of any conflict between the SLA and the 1Byte Customer Agreement or other agreement with 1Byte , the SLA applies, but only to the extent of such conflict.
Instance-Level Uptime Percentage
Service Credit Percentage
Less than 99.5% but equal to or greater than 99.0%5%
Less than 99.0% but equal to or greater than 95.0%10%
Less than 95.0%15%

Instance-Level SLA

1Byte shall employ commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that each individual 1Byte cloud server instance achieves an Instance-Level Uptime Percentage of at least 99.5% during any monthly billing cycle (referred to as the "Instance-Level Service Level Agreement" or "Instance-Level SLA"). In the event that any cloud server fails to meet the Instance-Level SLA, the customer shall be eligible for a Promo Credit as described in the terms below.

SLA Credits

The calculation of Promo Credits shall be based on a percentage of current billing cycle for the Single Cloud Server Instance in that did not meet the Instance-Level SLA, as the case may be.

The issuance of a Promo Credit shall not entitle the customer to any refund or other payment from 1Byte. The Promo Credit shall be deemed applicable and issued only if the credit amount for the relevant monthly billing cycle exceeds one dollar ($1 USD). Promo Credits shall not be transferable or applicable to any other account and has an expiration period of 30 days after being issued.

Credit Request and Payment Procedures

To receive a Service Credit, a formal claim must be submitted through [email protected]. The claim must be received by 1Byte within 1 month after the occurrence of the incident and must include the following information:

For Instance-Level SLA Claims:
  1. The subject line must read "1Byte Credit Request - Instance-Level Claim"
  2. Include dates, times for each instance of Unavailability
  3. Provide the machine name for the affected Cloud Server Instances
  4. Supply request logs and any necessary data to validate the claimed outage (Confidential or sensitive information should be replaced with asterisks)

Promo Credits will be calculated as a percentage of the current billing cycle for Cloud Server and will only be applied towards future payments. 1Byte reserves the right to issue the credit to the affected account, but only if the credit amount is greater than $1. Promo Credits cannot be transferred or applied to any other account.

If the claim under Instance-Level SLA is confirmed by 1Byte as valid, a Promo Credit shall be issued to the claimant within 30 working days after the request is confirmed.

Should the claimant fail to provide the required information or additional information as specified above, they shall be disqualified from receiving the Promo Credit. The provisions of this Service Level Agreement represent the sole and exclusive remedies, as well as the sole and exclusive obligations of 1Byte, for any unavailability, non-performance, or failure to provide cloud server, unless otherwise specified within the Agreement.